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Internship Program

An internship is a structured, supervised work experience that enables students to gain practical, professional exposure to a particular career field. The Career Education Center operates as a clearinghouse for the paperwork and process and is not involved in the direct placement of students in internships. Students are responsible for researching and selecting potential internship positions and initiating contact with employers. The Career Center can support students through individual coaching sessions and through various the resources provided by the center.

In order to obtain an internship, students will need:

  • An identified area of career interest to allow for a focused search
  • A professional resume and cover letter
  • Interview skills

Internship Checklist

  • Create resume
  • Search for internships (read on for ways to do so)
  • Write Cover Letters geared towards internships of interest
  • Apply to multiple internship opportunities that interest you
  • Keep log of organizations/dates of applications to make follow up easier

How to Find an Internship

  • Meet with a career coach and create a plan; Daily Drop In Hours are every day from 10-4 in Slavin 108!
  • Review postings available on the handshake platform as well as other sites:, LinkedIn,
  • Attend the annual Experience Showcase at the at the Fall Career Expo in September
  • Participate in programs now that may lead to internships later: Careers…In, Networking Nights, Winter Break Alumni Shadowing Program, etc.
  • NETWORK with family, friends, parents’ friends, friends’ parents, professors, alumni, employers, etc. use Friarlink!
  • Search specific organizations’ web pages and check their Careers Page and/or Human Resources or general contact information and apply accordingly

School Year Academic Internships – Requirements for Credit

  • Juniors and seniors in good academic standing are eligible to earn internship credit
  • Academic internships are one semester, offer 3 credits, require 8-12 work hours per week, may include a seminar and most courses allow both pay and credit
  • Internship course descriptions are in the online Undergraduate Catalog
  • Internships require a faculty supervisor who oversees academic components and a site supervisor who oversees work at the site and both supervisors evaluate internship performance
  • Students must complete a Site Evaluation for Academic Internship/Field Experiences

Credit Registration Procedures

Students are responsible for making all arrangements for academic credit in advance of the start of the internship, including:

  1. Obtain the internship
  2. Contact the Faculty Contact from the department most closely aligned to your internship to seek approval of the internship as eligible for credit and secure a faculty sponsor
  3. Register for coinciding internship course by registration deadline
  4. Come to Slavin 108 to gain access to the online Learning Agreement via handshake and submit by 3rd Friday of the semester of registration

Summer Internships – Requirements for Credit

  • Typically junior or senior level status
  • Meeting with Career Coach, in Slavin 108 to receive access to learning agreement via handshake
  • Permission of academic dean to register for internship course (course approval form)
  • A faculty supervisor to oversee the summer internship
  • Payment of the summer course fee for an SCE 3 credit course $550
  • Submission and completion of Summer Learning Agreement via handshake
  • The Summer Learning Agreement must be submitted and approved on handshake by the 3rd week of June for registration in SCE SUMMER I or SUMMER II