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The Center for Career Education & Professional Development invites you to partner with us to help Providence College students achieve career success. Help our future alumni/ae explore opportunities, develop experience and launch their careers. We offer a variety of ways for you to give back by providing meaningful ways to connect with students.

Ways Alumni Can be a Resource to Students:

Attend an Alumni & Student Networking Night

The Center for Career Education hosts annual Alumni-Student networking nights in NYC, Boston, Hartford, DC and LA. These events provide opportunities for alumni to share their own career path and offer advice to current students.  Email Stacey Moulton to be added to the invitation list.

Participate in the Winter Break Alumni Shadowing Day Program

This program has been exposing students to various careers for over 25 years! It provides students with an opportunity to observe alumni in their work setting for a day, during the College’s winter intersession. Alumni volunteers complete a profile form that students review and apply to. Appropriate students are then matched to desired shadowing opportunities. Email Stacey Moulton to be added to the invitation list.

Recruit a PC student for Internships or Full-Time Job Opportunities 

Recruit highly skilled Providence College students for your organization’s internship and full-time job opportunities. Organizations can post their positions in the Career Education Center’s online database called handshake. Please email Liz Lombard to learn more about our recruiting program/events. For more information on the college’s Academic Internship Program please email Laura Pellecchia.

Be Part of a Career Program

The Center for Career Education & Professional Development offers a variety of programs to educate and inform students about various careers and industries. These programs include: classroom or club presentations, participating in a Careers In… series, hosting a site visit and more. Email Stacey Moulton to be added to the alumni resource list if you would like to volunteer for a future program.

Share Career Information & Advice

Be a resource to current students as a member of FriarLink, our alumni-student career network. Join the hundreds of alumni that have volunteered to help PC students with their career development by sharing career information and advice. To join, visit FriarLink and create your profile.

Career Resources for Alumni: